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We’ve designed fresh and invigorating fitness experiences that deliver fitness for the body, freedom for your mind and medicine for the soul.

The Workout

The Soul Vida Workout Method is a unique fusion of Yoga, Pilates and Martial Arts inspired workouts developed by Makita Gabriel.

Our Method

We’re excited to offer you a Fitness Ritual that is 100% natural in every way, in fact we’ve spent the last decade, perfecting our formula!

Fit Body & Soul Wellness Escape 2020

Break away from it all – the pressures, the noise, hustle and bustle and stop and breathe.
Discover peace, tranquillity, rejuvenation and you’re very own inner sanctuary.
Why wait?


What we offer

Our Fitness and Lifestyle Studio is an urban oasis, offering a range of signature fitness classes, meditation, teacher trainings, corporate wellbeing services and wellness getaways to help you rejuvenate, recharge and rebalance in an ever changing world.

Fast results for body and mind through a fusion of Yoga, Pilates and Martial Arts. Fitness for the body. Coming Soon.

Soul Vida Studio Coming Soon

We are inspired by ancient philosophies, yet we embrace the scientific – the technologies and techniques that keep you on track. Coming Soon.


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Soul Vida Teacher Training

Be the one to nurture others to achieve their goals in body mind and heart.

Be the teacher whose classes people are talking about – whose techniques create a buzz and stir up the local exercise industry.

Be a creator of an urban oasis – and join a brand with an open heart.

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What we offer

Our Fitness and Lifestyle Studio is an urban oasis, offering a range of signature fitness classes, meditation, teacher trainings, corporate wellbeing services and wellness getaways to help you rejuvenate, recharge and rebalance in an ever changing world.

Soul Vida Studio Classes

We strive to offer over 25 multi -sensory classes that Train your Body. Free your Mind and Nurture your Soul



Be Inspired

Life is busy. Work. Traffic. Crowds time restraints – the world is a revolving door of activity. Giving little time to Relaxation..Stop for a minute. Breathe and smell the roses.



Outstanding Excellent, wonderful, outstanding. Great and peaceful

J. Creighton


Truly Amazing Workout Truly amazing workout... Soul Vida™ works.! You’ll love it.

F Gerald


Soul Vida is undoubtedly one of the most direct ways to empower yourself and get fit at the same time. I wish people could understand the benefits it can bring and have the chance to experience Soul Vida too. Thanks Makita for doing what you do best!'

S. Gattrell


Soul Vida is an exceptional workout. I was amazed to find that after only a few months of experiencing Soul Vida my body had become so much more toned, my flexibility improved and I became so much stronger, both physically and mentally. Soul Vida is most definitely, a great addition to my exercise regime. I am so grateful to Makita for her vision and genius in creating Soul Vida.

G. Bond


“My morning Soul Vida Workout sets me up for the day. I do it at home before the kids get up and I’m more calm and relaxed. It’s great. I can access my digital online membership for Makita’s Workouts.”

Jenny. D

Home Maker

“Ive lost 12 kilos since working with Makita’s Soul Vida Workouts. The Personal Training program has been so good for me in every way. After I finished my first 5 sessions I felt like for the first time it was me in the mirror. The stress dropped away and so did the weight and I got a new lease on life. Thank you Makita for believing in me, I did it.”

Beth. T


“It’s been incredible. I’m feeling a lot trimmer, happier and fitter since Ive been doing Soul Vida Classes Thank you Makita.”  

Vivienne W

Business Owner

“The Soul Vida Workout allows you to explore your inner drive. It’s very different than pilates or yoga –a workout where you are moving energy while you tone up. It’s a real workout.”

Shelly R Ontario

Business Consultant

“After 3 months of Soul Vida I’m feeling great. Soul Vida workouts inspire me not just to get fit. They motivate you to really work with your body to get the best results. I really enjoyed the sessions.”

Sally. D

Office Administrator

“Makita has empowered thousands of clients world-wide. Makita’s achievements so far in the arena of energy wellbeing have been remarkable.” 

Richard . H 

Business Owner / Entrepreneur

“Soul Vida workouts are pretty amazing. Like nothing you’ve ever experienced before. I’d definitely recommend it to anyone looking for a great workout. It will blow your mind in a really great way.”

Paula .A

Flight Attendant

“I have undertaken yoga and Qi Kung for many years and have not reached the physical and spiritual well being that I have reached with Soul Vida. Thankyou Makita for creating such a wonderful workout.”

Mary. M


“I practice many forms of movement and find Soul Vida wonderful. The classes improve strength, flexibility and aerobic fitness. Soul Vida has benefited me tremendously.” 

Jess. M


“Early in 2015 I was introduced to Soul Vida and have changed so much since then. I’m fit, energised and centred. I feel Amazing and the good feelings have lasted.” 

Cindy N

Interior Designer

“Go do A Soul Vida Workout with Makita. Very Enjoyable. It’s a breath of fresh air.”  

L. Carmelo


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