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The DNA of our Wellness Philosophy

The DNA of our Wellness Philosophy is built on positive psychology, emotional intelligence and a stress free work environment creates unparalleled success.

Soul Vida Classes

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Fit Body Fit Soul Spa Getaways

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We love what we do as a  leading wellness provider,  specialising in Wellness Bootcamps and Urban Retreats for the corporate sector.

Our team of body-mind-health professionals are renowned for providing the highest quality stress management tailored to your group’s needs.

We believe Corporate Wellbeing is all about people and culture. A progressive, humanistic approachable and aligned with mind body and heart wellness practices are at the core of our unique strategies.

Is your workplace ready for a progressive, humanistic approach? Are you ready to create a positive, stress free productive work culture for all members of your organisation?


We take a ‘holistic‘ perspective.

Our programs have been designed with three essential ingredients: Body, Mind and Heart Intelligence.

These add value on many levels, a happy inspired and relaxed culture equals productivity.

Everyone feels inspired and empowered to think outside the box, strive towards success and achieve maximum growth.

We offer Classes, Wellness Boot camps and Urban Retreats to develop:

Body Mind Fitness
Well-being and Meditation
Leadership Development and Peak Performance

We’re here to mentor, support and develop confidence, capability and contribution, in a positive, healthy and vibrant workplace.

Book An INTRODUCTORY Session for your office with our Director of Wellness Makita Gabriel to Map out Strategies for You.

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