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The Body is ENERGY

All around you, your body and throughout the entire universe, circulates life energy.

We are more than just the physical body we all see and interact with on a daily basis. Inside that body there is an energy driving it – a life source if you will.

Coupled with that internal energy source there is another, some would even say more powerful, energy source outside of the physical body as we know it, a source which surrounds your body, your own personal space and is sometimes referred to as an aura.

Invisible though it is, it has a very real presence, and it drives the internal energy source that we all know exists, to ensure life. It exists not only as an energy field around every living thing, but also circulates through the earth, through the atmosphere around us, and in nature.

The flow of this energy connects everything that exists, and you, as a living being. You are always drawing this life energy into your own energy field, and it is this life energy that supports your body to rejuvenate and heal itself.

The source of all life is energy – this is fact. So where does that energy come from? It comes from the Earth and from the Universe.

Energy is the language of the universe. Everything, including our body and our lives, are an interplay of energy.

The Body and Energy field is like an library, a storehouse of valuable information (past, present and future possibilities). It holds our most dominant thoughts, emotions, understandings, beliefs, perspectives and experiences. Everything is Energy. What differs is the frequency of that vibration.

‘As we Change our vibration, We change the world. As We Heal the World Heals. Within each of Us there is a unique and vital life force that embodies the very essence of who we are and this essence sends out a signal of who we are, out into the world. This becomes our unique vibration, our energetic blueprint or simply put our unique vibe, that makes us the individual that we are.
The way we talk, walk, live, choose, relate, the physical, emotional, and mental structure of our body is alive with twenty four hours a day, every day of our lives. In other words, Our vibration is not by accident, it’s by our own design.

According to Debbie Shapiro, Body Mind Specialist and psychologist, Our body speaks our mind. The physical structure of the body is held in place by the most consistent vibration of our thoughts, beliefs, emotions, feelings, reactions and the overall vibrational frequency of your life. Our energy field is like a library and not disimilar to a conventional library it holds information in it’s cellular memory, this information may not be alphabetically ordered, rather it’s classified according to the energy frequency that it holds regarding our experiences in life.As we begin to feel what is held in the body, we begin to heal. In essence what we feel, we heal.

Healing is the harmonious alignment of the physical,emotional,mental and spiritual aspects of our being and our relationship to the world. We reclaim our birthright of wholeness, balance and wellbeing. The word heal comes from the anglosaxon word ‘ hal’ which means whole.

Healing allows the rediscovery of our authentic being. Healing promotes the natural expression of life force and life rhythms embracing awareness,transformation emotional resolution,psychological renewal and spiritual evolution.

Our total wellbeing, is a reflection of our essential vibration and hence optimal wellbeing resides in a balance and awareness of our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual nature. Our most ‘natural’ state of being is ALIVENESS. Dis-ease and trauma happens when we are living out of flow or alignment with our true self… To the degree that we are in harmony with our essential being, we embrace an abundance of energy, vitality and positivity… I welcome you to contemplate, meditate, feel and awaken as you experience your unlimited potential… Makita Gabriel

Makita Gabriel


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