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Falling in Love with Life

Falling in love with  life is a way to accelerate and celebrate your connection with the real self, for love is synonymous with life and nature.

When you love who you are, your inner wisdom reveals itself, as effortlessly as the sun, rising over the horizon, each and every day.

When you love your life, your relationships are borne of love, not fear, of inter-dependecy, not co-dependency.

When you love each step you take towards your path, knowing that you did the best you could, given your perspectives and choices at the time, you relinquish the need to blame.

In the spirit of forgiveness, so much joy, contentment,gratitude, love and opportunity find you.

The world is yours to explore and when you feel the passion to move forward, you fully recognise that any limitation you struggled with, was life’s way of saying more LOVE was on it’s way.

Receive the love, that you have been waiting for.

It’s here now in YOU!..Place your hand on your heart, and as you breathe into your heart, feel a sigh of relief, to know that there is nothing to worry about!

Don’t give up. It is time to be all that you were created to be!

Stay strong, get things done that are part of honouring your life’s commitments and then when you are done, you are ready to move on, in a way where nothing can hold you back.
Spending too much time on fear, working it out, understanding it, denying it, trying to  find a reason why the mind is churning all these FEAR-FULL thoughts, hoping that the body will react to them, is simply a waste of your time and life force!

ALLOW nothing to hold you back.

LOOK FEAR right in the eye and conquer it, by KNOWING that it is a LIE, it only exists in your mind!!

Don’t let fear In!

Have courage and believe in yourself. You can always call upon your inner knowing, to help you feel connected to the universe.
Sometimes just taking two deep full breaths, helps you to stay real in the moment.

Remember, You live in a benevolent universe that is powered by a consciousness we call LOVE.

We each have our own way of perceiving the world through our thoughts, feelings, judgements and expectations and the wonderful thing is that we can choose to see the best in our selves and others.

A beautiful poet once said, ‘we don’t see the world, as it is, we see it as we are’..

We can choose to not judge ourselves and others, by their story and circumstances.

The intention to live from our heart, doing the best we can with what we have, and accepting that while we are going through,
what appears on the outside, as limitations, aloneness, sometimes homelessness, trials and tribulations that seem to have no end,
changing conditions, lack of resources and lack of support from our closest and dearest, we come to the realisation that
we are not the outer circumstances of our life, we are far greater and bigger, than anything that can happen to us in our life.

We each have different circumstances and different stories, that play out in our life and I know in my heart, that we are not defined by those things.

Nature’s existence and beauty is embraced by this ever nourishing presence of love.

Love is what makes life sacred, and knowing that you too, were born of LOVE, not fear, is the message that your heart longs to hear.

What do YOU feel grateful for TODAY?

TODAY’S Intention: “I love my life. I am  living proof of the miracle of life. I am great-FULL in body, mind and heart. I follow my heart without hesitation.

Makita Gabriel


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